Speed Reading

Is a blanket term for reading techniques that allow one to read faster. People often confuse speed reading with skimming however the two methods are completely different. Skimming is where a person reads only a fraction of a document, whereas speed reading is where the person reads the whole document.

Skeptical? It's ok, you can convince yourself that this works in as little as 6 minutes! Give it a try, it won't cost you a dime. :)

Read Faster. Read More. Speed Reader Free-mium.

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Q: What good is reading faster if you don't retain anything?

A: It's completely useless. Most commercial speed reading programs claim that retention actually increases with use. My experience is that it stays about the same.


Q: I can already skim papers, why do I need a program to teach me how to do that?

A: Speed reading and skimming are different. Skimming is looking over a text and reading only the things that stick out as important (in theory). Speed reading is reading the whole text only faster. It goes back to the old addage, "There is more than one way to skin a cat." When people first learn to read they learn by sounding out each syllable individually. If you still did that now you would read around 50 words per minute like little kids do. However you have since learned to recognize words better and read them in full. With speed reading you will learn to read groups of words at a single time.


Q: You say I can read 2-3 times faster. How much faster will I actually read?

A: Probably 2-3 times faster. This claim comes from my own experience as well as my friends who took the program to check it for bugs and evaluate it's effectiveness. Commercial speed readers claim 10 X but I haven't found any evidence to back that up. The fastest reader I know is one of my fellow graduate students who reads around 2000 words per minute or 8 X. He say's it is because he has been using speedreading programs for over 4 years. Your experience might very well be the same, but even if it's not 2-3 X improvement is still very meaningful.


Q: What assurances do I have that this will actually work?

A: You can convince yourself of the viability of the program in as little as 6 minutes. The program is free so it won't cost you anything. When it works you can start enjoying reading faster. In the unlikely event that it doesn't, then rest assured you haven't spent a fortune like other commercial products.

Q: Is Speed Reader Free-mium a cheap knockoff of other commercial products?

A: Yes, but you will be delighted to know that it is still very effective. If at anytime you feel the need to upgrade many other commercial products will be happy to take your money. They may look a little nicer and have more features but I wouldn't bet on them working any better.

Q:What innovations does Speed Reader Free-mium employ?

A: The most substantial one is that I only stuck with credible science in the development of the program. For example, many commercial programs talk a lot about 'sub-vocalization' which is quietly speaking the words as you read them. I found no data to suggest that this hampers the speed that people read. For that reason I didn't design any exercises to eliminate it in my program. I did incorporate an interesting new exercise that shows groups of objects as a block so that the person reads them as a single block. This should help doing the same with groups of words and is fun if nothing else.

Q: Will this program be effective with scientific/technical reading material?

A: I started speed reading as a physics graduate student, so I probably read as technical documents as anyone else. You will likely never read techincal documents as quickly as easier text however the speed will still improve without losing comprehension. I am currently working on developing an legal/scientific/technical specific speed reading program. My advice to you is to make use of the current speed reader and enjoy its benefits in the mean time so that when I finish development of the new one you'll see it on this website.

Q: Why do motions stop randomly during the program? Is that a bug?

A: Each exercise runs for a predetermined amount of time however the rate of motions increases gradually with the lessons. Motions terminate after they have run their allotted time. This may appear random but it simply a consequence of the source code.

Q: Should I sue you if this program doesn't live up to my expectations?

A: If you would like $100,000 of my student loans then please do. Although to win any lawsuit you must demonstrate a quantifiable loss as well as a culpubility to that loss. Since I am charging nothing for this program and am in now way forcing anybody to use it, it is probably unlikely you would win such a lawsuit. Which is really quite a shame because I would be happy to be rid of my student loans.

Q: Why do my eyes / head hurt?

A: The program exercises your eye muscles to help reduce eye fatigue in the future. Like any other exercise it is certainly possible to go overboard. If you find your eyes are hurting or you are getting a headache discontinue use of the speed reader and relax for at least 24 hours. If the problem persist with subsequent use stick to lower lesson numbers until your eye muscles have had a chance to strengthen.

Q: How frequently do you recommend using Speed Reader Free-mium?

A: I'd recommend once every day you have work/classes in the morning. It's easy to keep in your schedule and it allows you to make the most of your increased reading speed. Regular use is the key to improving reading speed as it will likely peak immediately after using the program and then decline afterwards. Despite that your reading speed will increase overall as time goes on.

Q: Even though my reading speed is increasing overall it still drops down a bit after every use. Why is that? Does Speed Reader Free-mium do a better job correcting this compared to other speed readers?

A: This is a common problem with the technology. Most commercial speed readers use reading techniques such as 2-point or block reading. Both of which work fantastic if you have a computer pacing you but both are relatively inneffective otherwise. Speed Reader Free-mium uses a technique called 'Meta-Guiding' which is where you use your hand or some object to guide your eyes as you are reading a text. Many people do this without being taught but once you learn to read groups of words at a single time using Speed Reader Free-mium the method works even better. The benefit to this technique is that you can use it without a computer pacing you while reading emails, books, papers, etc. like most of us do during the day. Your reading speed will likely always peak and valley but it will still gradually improve with regular use.

Q: Is there any risk of side effects from using this program?

A: The common ones that I am aware is eye fatigue and headaches. This comes from the rapid movements in the program designed to exercies the eye muscles. Like any exercise if you go overboard you will experience pain. If that occurs discontinue use for a day and perhaps stick with lower lesson numbers until your eyes strengthen.

Q: Is there any risk of serious side effects from using this program?

A: Although I doubt it I also haven't researched that at all so I really don't know for sure. A friend of mine who has a history of seizures doesn't wish to use the program because of the rapid movements. So I would say if you have a risk of seizures you may want to consult a doctor before hand to be safe.

Speed Reader Free-mium

was founded by a first year doctoral graduate student studying physics. I was having difficulty keeping up with the large reading assingments for my classes when a fellow student recommend that I purchase a speed reading program. I took his advice with huge results, and a huge pricetag. I have a history of creating free educational materials for the web, so I decided to create a free speed reading program as well. It was a fun experience and I got to learn a lot of new skills that will almost certainly be beneficial in the future. Now my goal for this project is for everyone to be able to benefit from this new program available to all for free. I invite you to enjoy the benefits yourself and to tell your friends and co-workers / co-students. I would consider it a great personal triumph to introduce this program to public schools so that students can better read and study!


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or opportunities please email me at the following address:


Sean Luck, Founder
Free Education Media LLC

NOTE: I am not actively seeking any investment in this organization, although I would be willing to consider any proposals. If you are interested in investing into free educational publishing I have another seperate venture seeking financing.

February 13th, 2010

By: Sean Luck

After the advice from my fellow grad student I decided to try a commercial speed reader. The results were fantastic overall. After 14 days of using the speed reader each day I was reading better than double my previous speed. But ultimately I was getting through my advanced physics textbooks better than twice as fast. One of the problems I was having as a result of the difficulty of the material I was reading is that by the time I got to the end of the sentence I was forgetting the beginning. Anybody who reads technical materials (scientific, medical, law, etc) knows that sentences can run upwards of 40 words of unfeasible jargon. It was a major struggle for me that was fixed in just two weeks. So I went from reading my textbooks at maybe 150 words per minute to say 350 words per minute, and I reading the news and emails from 275 to 550 words per minute. It was quite the improvement, and has massively made me more productive at studying and research.


February 11th, 2010

By: Sean Luck

Hi everybody, today is my first blog entry so I feel it is important to start at the very beginning of the story for this speed reading website. It started back in high school when I saw a late night advertisement for a commercial speed reading program. Even though I've never really been a fan of reading, the idea of being able to read much faster than others intrigued me. They advertised a free trail on their website so I decided to give it a try. It worked spectacular, other than one major flaw. A short time after using the program I was reading at the same speed as before. Given the over $100 price tag, before I could bite on something like that I would have to have proof that it was effective in the long term. I got that proof my first year of graduate school from one of my fellow students who gave a glowing endorsement of speed reading programs. That's how the ball got rolling again....




Speed Reader Free-mium

There is no longer a reason to pay $100 or more to increase your reading speed. Speed Reader Free-mium takes all of the science of speed reading and leaves behind the rest to give you the best available speed reading course on the web.

I created this program while working on my Phd in Physics. I was struggling with the 300+ pages a week of reading I was being assigned. One of my fellow grad students suggested that I purchased a speed reading program so that I could save time. Taking his suggestion I purchased one of the leading programs and the results were fantastic! I tripled my reading speed in about 2 weeks. While using the program I questioned the high cost I paid for it. There didn't seem to be anything to justify the cost. Over the next couple of weeks I researched the science of speed reading and then decided to put my own animation skills to work. A couple months of working around my grad school schedule later I produced Speed Reader Free-mium.

I am 100% confident that anyone who uses this program will double to triple their reading speed in a matter of weeks. Some commercial products claim upt to 10X improvement. I can't say that is false but I found little evidence to back that up. Nobody is really interested in the extreme cases but rather what is the most likely outcome for them. The large majority (apprx. 90%) will see a 2-3 increase in their reading speed, more than enought to hugely increase productivity at school and the workplace.

The lessons are desinged to be about 6 minutes long and used 3-5 times a week. For a commitment of less than 2 hours a month you can be reading faster and retaining more than you ever thought possible. My fellow students will enjoy more productive studying. Principals and teachers can inspire students to achieve better test scores by making studying a breeze. Working professionals can impress their boss with vastly increased productivity. Company Owners can enjoy a far more appealing bottom line.

No, I did not produce a new glory product that can solve all the worlds problems. What I did produce is an effective application for increasing one's reading speed and comprehension. Many of us read more than a hour a day, whether it be for school, work, emails, or for leisure. By investing 6 minutes a day into using this program you can cut your reading time in half or read twice as much.... or both! Extrapolate those results out logically, and you can see what an impact speed reading can have on the world!


If you are still skeptical you can convince yourself that it really works in less time than you spent reading these paragraphs. Give the program a try free. No really, FREE, I insist!

Sean Luck